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Patient Portal User Guide



Table of Contents

Patient Portal Overview.. 3

Account Setup & Login. 4

Setting up Your Portal Account. 4

Portal Login/Home Screen. 5

Forgotten Username. 5

Forgotten Password. 6

Appointments Tab. 7

Requesting an Appointment. 7

Viewing Past Appointments. 9

Forms Tab. 10

Viewing/Downloading Forms. 10

Reports Tab. 11

Viewing/Downloading Reports. 11

Viewing Images. 11

Messages Tab. 13

Sending a Message. 13

Profile Tab. 14

Updating Demographic Information: 14

Updating Portal Password or Security Questions. 14



Patient Portal Overview

The NWR Patient Portal available at https://patient.northwestradiology.com allows users access to the following:

·         Reports and images performed at an NWR imaging center

Note: Reports and images appear in the portal approximately one week after the exam was performed.

Note: Images are available for exams performed since October 1, 2019.

·         Patient Screening Forms

·         Review upcoming appointments

·         Request a new appointment

·         Update demographic/insurance information

·         Upload documents and forms

·         Send a message to an NWR Portal Representative


Account Setup & Login


Setting up Your Portal Account

1.       Once a portal account is created by an NWR staff member, you will receive an email containing the username and passcode along with a link to the portal to complete the registration process.


2.       After clicking on the login link, please accept the Terms of Use and complete three (3) security questions.


·         City you were born in

·         Name of high school

·         Mother’s maiden name


3.       After the security questions, you must change your password.


Note:  The password must be a minimum of 8 characters, contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one number.  No special characters (i.e. @%#$) are allowed.

Portal Login/Home Screen

Forgotten Username

Note: Please click the arrows  to advance between screens.

1.       Click on the Forgot your username? link on the login page.

2.       Answer your 3 security questions.

3.       Your username will be shown on the approval screen.

Forgotten Password

Note: Please click the arrows  to advance between screens.

1.       Click on Forgot your password? link on the login page.

2.       Answer your 3 security questions.

3.       A confirmation will be sent to your registered email account with instructions.

Note: Please be patient while your email is delivered and do not redo the forgot password process more than once.  If you do not receive an e-mail in your inbox within 15 minutes, check your SPAM/junk items folders to ensure the message is not there.

Note: When signing in with your temporary password, do not copy and paste the temporary password, please type it into the password box.

Appointments Tab

                The Appointments tab gives access to:

·         Upcoming scheduled appointments

·         Request new appointments

·         Review previous appointments performed at an NWR facility


Requesting an Appointment

1.       Click on Appointments/New Request


2.       Choose a date and available time from the calendar.





3.       Enter the exam and contact information.


4.       Choose the department and facility (optional)

Note: Choosing some departments will automatically remove facility choices if they do not have that modality.


5.       Enter the ordering provider and insurance information (optional)


6.       Add any additional notes and click Submit.

Viewing Past Appointments

                Note: Reports are NOT available on this tab.

1.       Click on Appointments/Past Appointments or the View Appointment History link.



2.       Appointment History is only a list of appointments performed at an NWR imaging center.  To display the reports, please use the Reports tab.


Forms Tab

The following forms can be printed from the portal and filled out prior to an appointment:

·         DEXA Questionnaire

·         DEXA Screening Form

·         Medical Imaging Questionnaire (MIQ)

·         MR Screening Form

·         Patient Breast History Form

·         Patient Information Form (PIF – mandatory for all patients)


Viewing/Downloading Forms


1.       Click the pencil icon  to view the form.

2.       Click the arrow icon  to download the form.

3.       Click the X icon  to close the form.

Reports Tab


Viewing/Downloading Reports


1.       Click on the Reports tab. The list of available reports for the patient will display. 

Note: Reports and images appear in the portal approximately one week after the exam was performed. Once the report is available, your will receive an email notification.

2.       Click on the report you want to view.

3.       Click the  icon to view the report.

Note: Long reports will not fully display – please download long reports to view the entire content.


4.       Click the arrow icon  to download the report.

5.       Click the X icon  to close the report.


Viewing Images

1.       Click the  icon to view your images. The images will open in a new tab/window.

Messages Tab

Portal users can send and receive messages from NWR staff using the Messages tab. 

Sending a Message

1.       Click Compose Message

2.       Enter the body text of the message.

3.       Click Send.



4.       Once a reply message has been received, the patient will be alerted via email to log back into the portal to retrieve it.  The Home page will alert the patient to a new message.

Profile Tab

Users can update the following information under the Profile tab:

·         Demographic Information (name/address)

·         Insurance Information

·         Change Portal Password


Updating Demographic Information:

1.       To edit demographics, click Profile/My Information and the Edit button. 


2.       Fill out the updated fields in the message and click Send.



Updating Portal Password or Security Questions

1.       Click on Profile/Security

2.       Click on Change Password to change your portal password.

3.       Click the pencil icon  to update any of the security questions.